Introducing an easier way to
carry your bow hands free!

The bowhook sling is easily adjustable and intended to carry most compound bows. It is designed to hold your bow hands free in many positions, and can be used by right or left handed archers alike.

Bowhook slings are a great addition to any hunter or target shooters equipment collection. Look at many of the benefits of having a bowhook sling.

Bowhook slings are proudly made in the USA. The slings are available in many types of colors, with custom colors available upon request.

For more information about Bowhook slings you can call 607-857-9794.


We saw your slings at the IBO World Championship and were impressed with the design, so I ordered one for my son for his birthday. He has been using it during our local 3D shoots. With us being with him, we’re noticing the freedom of our hands as well as not worrying about dropping the bow. So now I’m ordering one for my husband and one for myself. The Bowhook Sling is a great product.
–- Susan Eastman, Vermont

It was nice to meet you earlier today at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Expo. I appreciate the demo you and your partner shared with me on the Bowhook Sling. Straight out of the package I found this to be a very comfortable sling to use with my compund bow. It is also nice to support a company from Upstate New York, that makes a product in the USA.
–- Bill

I currently have one of your slings and love it, now I am purchasing one for my wife. My mom and dad found you at the IBO worlds last year and got me one for my birthday. It is very cost-effective to have a product to use for both 3D archery and hunting.
–- Derek Eastman, Vermont

We just got back from Colorado last night. As far as spot and stalk hunting goes, I had this sling on from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day with bow attached most of the time and it worked flawlessly. I was able to get my bow off quickly when elk came rushing in. Again, thank you for getting this out to me; you saved me some cramped forearms.
–– Genaro Moreno

BowHook Sling Colors